New World of care

Mr. Shikher Chaudhary

Medical Director

About Peak Health Centre

Peak Health Centre provides specialized health solutions by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. We recognize that each person is unique, so providing the very best healthcare targeted to you is our focus.

At Peak Health Centre you will receive individual attention and specialized care in all healthcare domains be it behavioral or emotional problems, arthritic problems, foot problems, peripheral vascular disorders, running injuries and any other musculoskeletal injuries.

We have a holistic approach to your health issues treating not only the symptoms of disease but also the cause of pain. Our doctors are dedicated to provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for your physical ailments so that patients get maximum benefits and optimum functional independence.

Our clinic incorporates state-of-the-art, technologically advanced equipment for patient assessment and rehabilitation. Peak Health Centre has treatment solutions and rehab programs that run the gamut from students to working professionals to modern day athletes to elderly persons.

Company History

After providing service in the field of ORTHOTIC SUPPORTS and HEALTHCARE DEVICES for over 4 decades under the name of " ROYAL CHEMISTS ", we felt that we can give better satisfaction to our customers if we are in direct touch with them. Keeping this idea in mind we have started PEAK HEALTH CENTRE to reach out for the clinical needs of the people who have been suffering from physical ailments.

We have gathered our experience of so many years and are now channelizing our strength to provide even better healthcare.