Runners Feet Clinic

Running is not only a sport but also a fitness lifestyle for many. Whether you are an elite marathon athlete or just a fitness enthusiast who wants to stay in shape, an injury can be your worst nightmare. At Peak Health Centre, we are not only focused on preventing running injuries but also on improving your running performance.
At Runners Feet Clinic, our physiotherapists thoroughly examine your feet and take into account your running form to accurately diagnose the cause of pain. We render precision technology to determine your foot type and slow motion gait analysis so that you can prevent running injuries. We identify your foot shape, foot type and unique movement patterns including strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Using precision technology we will ensure the right shoe is selected for your foot shape, foot type and your biomechanical movement. You’ll have your feet and lower body movement evaluated through slow motion gait analysis to identify movement patterns and check for likely problems.
Then with our special software which takes into account various bio-mechanical tests, we help you to find the perfect running shoe thus enhancing your running experience and improve your performance. Thus we provide a firm foundation for your body and improve its biomechanical alignment, enabling you to perform to your optimum, in the right pair of shoes.

Why do running injuries happen?

No one is immune to injuries; however people who wear improper footwear and have the wrong running

technique are more likely to get injured. Any deviation from the correct type of footwear for your foot size and shape can result in an injury. Also runners with bad form are more likely to develop running injuries.
At Runners Feet Clinic we offer you the following services:

Gait and motion analysis

For an in-depth analysis of your running form a biomechanical gait analysis is done. First your run is

captured on high speed motion cameras. Then with the help of state-of-the-art scientific software, your joint movements and muscle work is analyzed. This not only helps in preventing injuries but also to improve running performance and increase efficiency. You can even compare your running style in different shoes to find the optimal shoes for yourself.

A comprehensive report is generated at the end of the tests, which you can use for further reference.

Footwear recommendation

Your running shoe forms your first line of defense against a potential injury. Thus it is very important

for you to choose the correct shoes for your running. Everyone's feet are different so the shoes too should differ. But how can you know which shoe is right for your feet?

You don’t have to worry any more. We use unique, sophisticated computer software along with specific biomechanical tests and a thorough foot assessment to determine the best footwear for you. This process is very scientific yet very brief. A perfect shoe will give you an enjoyable experience rather than being an arduous task.

What are the benefits of coming to Runners Feet Clinic?

• Get the perfect footwear
• Improve your running form

• Avoid injuries
• Run longer distances
Be in the peak of health