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30 July 2015


Proven non invasive treatment for Osteoarthritis of the knee (O.A.)

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a severe joint problem with high prevalence in India.O.A. of the knee is a major cause of lack of mobility, particularly among females. Currently, Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR) is the common solution for osteoarthritis of the knee.

However there are risks associated with a TKR. Surgeries for knee O.A. often throw up mixed results. Sometimes TKR leaves patients with unresolved pain and loss of function for long periods.

Now doctors in USA have come up with a revolutionary ‘BioniCare Knee System’.  BioniCare System works by sending therapeutic electrical currents to the joint, with an unloader brace, that reduces pain and improves the overall health of the joint.  This is the most thoroughly researched, clinically proven, non-invasive, non-drug alternative for the treatment of the knee.

Benefits of using BioniCare

  1. Effective pain relief
  2. Non Surgical, non-invasive, non-drug treatment
  3. No adverse effects
  4. Decreases the dependency on pain killers
  5. Improves function and quality of life

 Clinical Studies show that on average most patients will see significant improvement after 750 hours of use, and the greatest improvements are achieved after 2250 hours. Patients who wear the BioniCare with the OActive brace see significant improvements in one month and the fairly good improvements in as little as 3 months.

 A study was conducted at John Hopkins University, USA and was published in the rheumatology News ( In this study, patients suffering from severe OA Knees were treated with BioniCare System. At the end of four years 62% of these patients avoided a total knee replacement.

Peak Health Centre is the only authorized centre in India that is providing state-of-the-art American BioniCare Knee System ( which will help millions of Indians to totally defer or avoid knee replacement surgery. What’s more, we are introducing this revolutionary treatment at a very attractive price for a limited period!

For more information contact at 9320008695 or email us at  or visit #202, 2nd Floor, Sagar Pallazio Mall, Saki-Naka junction, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 072 Tel. : 66268300 / 66268309   

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